English follows Japanese:-

実りある変容の月 – 次のレベルの意識へ







1) われわれはみなひとつである。つながっている。この深い意味は?

2) この世界でわたしが関わっていたいとイメージすることは?

3)健康でいることはどういう意味か? そしてなぜ重要なのか?





あなたの気分、認知機能、感情の知性のためには、脳の健康が 重要な役割を持っています。




Yantara Jiro


9月8日・9日実施! ヤンタラジローが自らリアルタイムに



A Thriving Transformative Month – Raising Next Level Consciousness

September, a month of intense transformation begins as we step into our powers, taking actions that are in alignment to build our blueprint.

Each month, as we step closer to the new era starting from 21st Dec 2020, the old Earth continues to break apart and dissolve, making way for New paradigm shifts.

Our resistance towards new changes challenges us. Our ability to remain calm focused, and connected shall support us to take actions aligned with our Source.

Take the time of September to balance between your daily activities and meditation. You mustn’t gain too much ‘fire’ within your system this month.

We are all connected, no matter how far we may be apart from each other, or if even we know of each other’s existence. Our actions play a vital role in the transformation of this world we live in.

May the contemplation theme of this month be:

1) We are all One; we are all connected; what does this profoundly mean?

2) What do I envision in this world that I would like to be a part of?

3) What does it mean to be healthy and why it is important?

Open your heart to receive the insights of your soul, your Source Wisdom and let it inspire you daily.

Once you open up to Universal guidance and continue to receive support from within, you will not be lost or lonely.

Your relationship with Universal intelligence and higher-dimensional wisdom is invaluable. You raising consciousness shall transcend foolishness, arrogance and the ego.

By raising consciousness, you may colonise your brain to establish more desirable functionalities and control over your performances.

Your brain health plays an essential role in your mood, cognitive functions and emotional intelligence.

Meditation trains your brain and relaxes your nervous system, allowing health immunity to increase and resilience towards stress.

May each month of 2020 inspire you deeper to rewire your lifestyle, thoughts, beliefs, and strengthen you as a person beyond who you think you are.

There is no turning back to the old. A new YOU is to be born. So take on the gifts from the Universe and start designing your NEW LIFE!

Yantara Jiro